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StatMaker (10.03.2001) - dan
Many people have asked about a statistics page generator, like the one featured on the original ISU StrangeSearch.  It was originally removed from the codebase because it had a lot of hard-coded support for the ISU page, but I have rewritten it as an external app to work with the public release of StrangeSearch.  Read the enclosed readme.txt for information, but it should be pretty easy to run. 


Mandatory Bugfix (8.26.2001) - dan
With the help of Evan Fahey of SterlingSearch, I've finally tracked down the elusive bug that was causing invalid results.  If you are running StrangeSearch, you must install this bugfix or you will probably get invalid search results (files listed in wrong folders, etc).  This fix contains new search code (search.exe) and new base code.  Simply download, overwrite your old files, and Perform Maintenance once and your searches should be correct.


Useful Addition to StrangeSearch (8.22.2001) - dan
Generating MachineException.txt, ValidException.txt, and FtpSites.txt can be a tad annoying.  This Excel XLS seriously simplifies the problem.  Yes, it has macros in it (to export the data to text files).  But it can make your life easier.


StrangeSearch Forums (7.8.2001) - dan
StrangeSearch Forums are now online for your questions or news.  They can be found at:

StrangeInitialRelease (5.19.2001) - dan
The initial release of StrangeSearch 3.5 is ready.  This is roughly the version that is running on the Iowa State StrangeSearch server, although that one has some custom ISU-specific modifications.  I tried to make it as easy as possible to install, but you should still REALLY read the web pages in the "docs" directory before trying to run it.  You do have to do a few things before it will be up and running.

Win32 Binaries:
Win32 Source Code:

StrangeOpenSource (5.19.2001) - dan
StrangeSearch is now officially an OpenSource project, registered on SourceForge.

Lately, I've been trying to prep the source for release so it is going through a lot of changes.  I am ripping out ANYTHING specific to Iowa State, and trying to make it as easy as possible to get up and running.  My current goal is to get SS3.5 (the current version of StrangeSearch) as stable and installable as possible before beginning work on SS4, which I hope to begin work on before too soon. 

But in the meantime, if you really want to start looking at the code it is officially "out there" on SourceForge.  I'm not promising it's pretty, it's just there.